Success Stories by Dana

Maria is like a glass of champagne. Especially now, in the sizzling hot summer…you think, that you’re going to have just one glass to cool you down, yet you start with a sip, then the glass, and in the end, you drink the entire bottle because you don’t want to stop.

This is what it is like speaking to Maria for me. It’s impossible to stop looking at her, admiring her beauty and courage. What is her secret? Where does this mother of three get so much energy? Is it due to a success marriage, loving husband and family or maybe her career?

María herself reflects on this question and it seems that she is quite clear, yet there may be many women who will not agree with her answer. Are we all capable of loving and saying to our loved ones, “I love you”? How much does state of mind and education influence our ability to convey our love in words?

We are going to meet María who shows us both sides of her character; a determined, disciplined business and also the sensitive side of her character when she refers to her children and the people who need her.